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Fine Finishes | 3D Honing Inc. - Houston, TX

Although our 3D honing is the "nuts and bolts" of our business, we can also offer a fine finishing service to get the most from your engine and increase its lifespan. By using a profilometer, 3D Honing provides a variety of fine finishes techniques.

These include:

• A single-grit finish. This is achieved by boring and then using an abrasive grit to finish.
• A multi-step finish. This is achieved through a step-by-step process. By using different types of grits, the walls become smoother and smoother.
• A plateau finish. This process is used for high-performance engines and is a highly effective technique that produces fine finishes of the highest quality.

Whatever type of finish you require, 3D Honing has the technology and the skilled workforce to help you accomplish it. We use only the very latest technology, and all of our team members have worked in the industry for years. They have the experience and know-how to deliver on time and within budget.

Please call one of our team at (281) 391-8989 to find out how our business can help you. We offer free quotes to all of our customers, and our team members can answer any questions you may have about the fine finishes products we can provide. We look forward to hearing from you.