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We Offer Professional ID Honing

Honing | 3D Honing Inc. - Houston, TX

ID honing is a precise art. At 3D Honing we understand the importance of getting things right the first time. Boring or honing too heavily can prove problematic and result in cylinder walls becoming too thin. This means starting the job again because the part has become unsafe or no longer works as it should. At 3D Honing, we use only the very latest machinery, and all of our staff members have been trained to keep problems like this to a minimum. We can provide our service for a variety of parts regardless of size.

This includes parts between:

0625" to .484" and up to 14" long
• .484" to 1.750" and up to 360" long
• 1.750" to 16.000" and up to 600" long

Our experienced staff members use only the very latest machinery to ensure that, when honing or boring cylinders, we achieve the requested dimensions time after time. It is also crucial that any bore is geometrically perfect. It should be as spherical as possible, with the rings sealing tightly. When a job is done perfectly, improvements in performance and emissions are very noticeable.

To achieve the perfect bore geometry, 3D Honing uses only the very latest equipment. If equipment is old or not aligned correctly, perfect results are just not possible. Fortunately, our years in the industry mean we have the know-how and experience to achieve the results you are looking for.

We are confident that 3D Honing can become your one-stop solution for all your honing and boring needs. Please call one of our team at (281) 391-8989. We offer very competitive rates, a free, no-obligation quote for all our customers, and prices that are great for your business. We look forward to hearing from you.